The award of the International Literature Festival “PRO-ZA Balkan”, the “Prozart” award, awarded to a prominent author for his contribution towards the development of the literature on the Balkans, in this year of 2018, with a unanimous decision of the Prize Awarding Board, goes to the great Serbian writer Svetislav Basara.

Basara’s work is remarkably rich and versatile: besides his cult novels, he has written highly rated books with short stories, essays and columns. The brilliant authorial start of Basara was announced with his first novels, “Chinese Letter” and “Peking by night”, immediately distinguished him as a as the most convincing representative of the postmodernism.

Following these highly regarded works, Basara created almost without interruption, novels that were the discovery of both Serbian and Balkan literature. To name just a few, like the "The Cyclist Conspiracy", which according to all the rang lists is considered one of the best Serbian novels of the 20th century, than “Martha Cohen's Diary”, “The Rise and Fall of Parkinson's Disease”, among the favorite books, not only by the critical reception, but also among the numerous readers from the Balkans and Europe.

Today, undoubtedly, the work of Basara is among the most prominent in the Balkan literary context.

His lucid prose expression, the stylistic mastery and the actuality of the ordinary human topics, but also of the contemporary topics and dilemmas that he processes in his books, distinguished him as an extraordinarily interesting and worthwhile superior Balkan prose writer.

PROZART award board

Ermis Lafazanovski
Aleksandar Prokopiev
Dejan Trajkoski