The “Prozart” award that is awarded by the International Literature Festival “PRO-ZA Balkan” to a prominent author for his/ her contributions to the development of the literature in Balkans, this 2020 goes to the great Albanian writer Ismail Kadare for his impressive decades-long opus as author of novels and essays, which constantly provokes the highest echoes in European and international criticism.

In the Kadare’s prose work we see intertwining of the past and the present, the myth and the irony, the individual and the collective, conveyed to us with a very specific and stylistically and linguistically characteristic idiom, which singles out his work in the group of contemporary giants of the world literature.

Showing no compromise when it comes to the honesty of a writer, but also with intellectual attitude with inexhaustible imaginative capacity, Kadare constantly surprises the connoisseurs of the literature with high literary elaboration of topics that merge the universal and the local, which has been the case for the last five decades.

Kadare is the author of many worldwide famous books, including The General of the Dead Army, The Fortress, The Three-arched Bridge, The Pyramid, The Successor... All of these books are different in terms of subject matter, time, and space which are elaborated, but they are very similar when it comes to the ethical and stylistic essential features of Kadare's writing.

Board for Awarding of the “Prozart” award:

Ermis Lafazanovski
Aleksandar Prokopiev
Dejan Trajkoski