The award of the International Literature Festival “PRO-ZA Balkan”, the “Prozart” award, awarded to a prominent author for his contribution towards the development of the literature on the Balkans, in this year of 2017, with a unanimous decision of the Prize Awarding Board, goes to the exceptional prose writer from Croatia, Miljenko Jergovic.

The exceptionally reach and impressive literature work of Miljenko Jergovic includes inspirational books of poetry, aesthetics and journalism, but his high reputation as one of the most original Balkan authors was gained mostly thanks to his prose. Since his very first prosaic work, the book of essays “Saraevsko Marlboro”, till his most recent works, Jergovic is using his specific approach in intertwining the documentary, autobiographic and fictional, we probes the past times into the present, the biographies of others against the one of his family, and by doing so, with a high stylish and masterful skill, he tells his prose works conceptualized in a complex manner but realized with an ease.

His juicy, plastic language and mastership in managing these two, position Jergovic as a delicate author and language stylist in the Balkan prose context.
Jergovic is highly esteemed and interpreted not only by the Croatian but also by the international critique. He is read, loved and awarded author not only in Croatia but also all over Europe, Hence, in Macedonia he definitely belongs to the small elite of Balkan authors that write books the translation of which is always anticipated with curiosity and excitement.
It is hour honor to award “Prozart” for this year to Miljenko Jergovic for his undeniable contribution towards the development of the modern prose on the Balkans.
PROZART award board