Muharem Bazdulj is a writer, journalist and translator, born in 1977 in Travnik. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and has published some twenty books, mostly novels and collections of stories and essays. His books have been translated into English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Macedonian, and some stories and essays into fifteen other languages. For his collection of stories titled The Second Book, he was awarded with the Open Society Foundation Award for the best book in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year of 2000. His stories and essays have been included in the following anthologies: Best European Fiction, The Wall in My Head and Belgrade Noir. He attended literary residencies in Boston (USA), Brussels (Belgium), Graz and Vienna (Austria), Skopje (North Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Mokrin and Sichevo (Serbia), and in Santa Madalena (Italy).

From English, among other things, he translated a book of selected poems by V.B. Yates and the collected poetry of Bob Dylan, as well as the novels of Paul Oster and Edna O'Brien, the correspondence between Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, the autobiographical prose of Patti Smith and the biographical book of Mark Thompson about Danilo Kis.

He has won the most important journalistic awards in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia: the best journalist in BiH print media which is awarded by the Journalists Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012), Stanislav Staša Marinković of the "Danas" daily for investigative journalism and journalistic courage (2014) and Bogdan Tirnanić of the Journalists Association of Serbia for best columnist and commentator (2014).

Two of his novels were published in Macedonian langaige: The Marzipan Doll (Vezilka, Skopje, 2017) and Djaur and Zulejha (Goten, Skopje, 2019).

He lives in Belgrade.


Graduate in 1999, At the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, department of dramaturgy. Became the winner of "Josip Kulundžić" for the best student of dramaturgy, as well as prizes "Slobodan Selenić" for best graduate text - RIGHT TO RUSSIANS. Since 2005 he started teaching dramaturgy at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

From 2003 - 2005 he was a Dramaturg at Serbian National Theatre (SNP) in Novi Sad.

At about the same time as editor he signed edition of new plays young writers PROJECT 3 whose plays have been performed in the framework of the STERIJINO POZORJE festival in May 2005 in the SNP.

For HUDDERSFIELD received the award, "Jovan Popović Sterija" for best contemporary play in Sterijino Pozorje 2005.

Was a jury member at BITEF 2005.

In 2008 he received the award 'Biljana Jovanovic' for prose 'Wok ON'.

In 2014 became winner of the EUPL, European Union Prize for the Literature for the novel Very Simple gifts

He is a member of the Serbian Literary Society (SKD) since 2007.


Magdalena Blažević (1982) is short-story writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was born and grew up in Žepče, a small town in Central Bosnia. She studied English and Croatian Literature in Mostar where she lives and works. She won several prizes for the best short story. Her first short-story collection „Celebration“ was published this year.


Elizabeta Bakovska (Bitola, 1969). She received her BA and MA from the Faculty of Philology “Blazhe Koneski” in Skopje, from the English Language and Literature Department. She holds Ph.D. in gender studies from Euro-Balkan Institute. She was the editor-in-chief of Blesok, an electronic magazine for culture and literature ( She translates, writes poetry and prose, as well as literary theory and criticism. Her poetry, fiction and literary criticism have been translated and published in а number of languages.


Kalina Maleska is a Macedonian writer. Her works include three collections of short stories: Misunderstandings (Makedonska kniga 1998), The Naming of the Insect (Slovo 2008), and Clever Pejo, My Enemy (Ili-Ili 2016), two novels: Bruno and the Colours (Slovo 2006) and Apparitions with Silver Threads (Slovo 2014), a play An Event among Many: about Hypatia of Alexandria (Slovo 2010), a children’s novel/story collection Arno Ama (Ili-Ili 2018) and the literary study Forms of Power in Contemporary Literature (Ili-Ili 2020). One of the stories in the children’s book Arno ama has also been made into a children’s play and performed by the theatre Senki i oblaci (Shadows and Clouds). Her stories have been translated into several languages and published in various magazines and anthologies at home and abroad. Her story “A Different Kind of Weapon” is part of the anthology Best European Fiction 2018. She has also participated in numerous Macedonian as well as international literary festivals. Maleska teaches English and American literature at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje. Her pieces of literary theory and criticism have been published in international journals. Maleska also translates literary works from English into Macedonian and vice versa; including translations of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Stern, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and Selected Stories by Ambrose Bierce, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.


Maja Solar was born on February 6, 1980 in Zagreb. She holds a doctoral degree in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy of Novi Sad. Her research work revolves around the political theory. Maja is translating from French and English, as well as writing both poetry and prose. She is a member of the „Gerusia“ collective, left-oriented organization, and one of the editors of the journal for theoretical practices „Stvar“. Since 2015, she has been working as a translator for the Serbian edition of „Le Monde Diplomatique“.
Her first poetry collection, Makulalalalatura, was published in 2008, as it was awarded by Cultural Center of the City of Kragujevac in their contest for first time publishers. This manuscript also won Branko’s Award, the first prize in the category of poets under 30, award of the „Đuro Papharhaji“ poetry festival, and it was a runner-up for the Vital's award. Maja’s second poetry book, written in Hungarian – Jellemzõ, hogy nem természetes (Of course it’s not natural) – was published by Forum in 2015. The third poetry book – Bez začina (Without Spices) – was published in the edition of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad (2017). Her poetry was publlished in anthologies and poetry collections: Nešto je u igri: Zbornik nove Novosadske poezije (Centar za novu književnost Neolit i Kulturni centar Novog Sada, 2008), Iz muzeja šumova, antologija novije srpske poezije (1988-2008) (V.B.Z., Zagreb, 2009), Ulaznica Srbija: Panorama pesništva 21. veka (Drava, Klagenfurt, 2011), VAN, TU: FREE, Izbor iz nove srpske poezije (Cetinje, 2012), RESTART, panorama nove poezije u Srbiji (Dom kulture Studentski grad, Beograd 2014), Antologija nove srpske lirike „Serce i krew“ (Lublin, Poljska, 2015) and Cat Painters: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry (Diálogos, New Orleans, 2016).
From 2007 to 2014, she was one of the editors of „Polja“, a literary magazine. She was also a member of the Centre for modern literature „Neolit“, a member of poetic-political theater „Poetske rupe“, an author and participant in the women’s poetic performance group „LILITiranje“, and a participant in a few performance and poetry videoworks. Since 2019, together with Žak Lučić, she has been hosting the poetry podcast „Full Mouth of Poetry“. She currently lives in Novi Sad.


Branislav Nikolov (Pijan Slavej) was born in 1971 in Bitola. He finished secondary school at the "Josip Broz Tito" school and studied French language and French literature at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" in Skopje.

Nikolov is an author and singer in the "Foltin" musical group. Together with the group he has released eight studio albums, participated in a number of international music festivals, composed music for more than thirty theater plays and a dozen films, such as: "Cash and Marry", "Healer", "Honeyland", etc. Nikolov performed at the "Murder Ballads" concert in Skopje on 14 February 2018, together with the Macedonian Philharmonic.


Ante Tomić (1970) is a famous Croatian writer. So famous, and so many times mentioned in newspapers and on television, that he is seriously thinking about printing business cards on which he will write just that under his name - a famous Croatian writer. He works as a journalist in “Jutarnji list” daily, and his Saturday columns are a favorite reading of all those who know how to laugh even when the situation in the country is the saddest. As a writer, he has written four novels: "What is a man without a mustache", "Nothing should surprise us", "Love, electricity, water and telephone" and "A miracle in Poskokova Draga". He also published a collection of stories "I forgot where I parked", two books of feuilletons "Folklore Festival" and "Optimist Class" and two books of columns - "Submissive Citizen" and "A promising Boy". Together with Ivica Ivanišević, he wrote the screenplay for the movie "The Last Will", and with Rajko Grlić the one for "Let it stay among us". He also, in cooperation with Renato Baretić and Ivica Ivanišević, wrote the script for the TV series "New Age". In 2005, Hrvoje Hribar made the film "What is a man without a mustache" based on his first novel, and a year later Rajko Grlić made the film "Karaula" based on his book "Nothing Should Surprise Us".


Miljenko Jergovic is one of the most significant writers in the region of former Yugoslavia. He was born in 1966 in Sarajevo and lives nowadays in Zagreb. He is the authour of more than 30 novels, short story collections and poetry volumes and received numerous national and international literary awards, such as The Erich-Maria Remarque Peace Award (1995), the Italian Premio Grinzane Cavour (2003), the Angelus Literary Award for the best novel in Middle Europe (Poland, 2012) the Njegoš Award (2015), Prozart award (2017). He is the most widely read writer in the region.


Damir Karakaš was born on November 21, 1967 in Lika, the mountainous region of Croatia known for its harsh winters, wolves and the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Damir has written five novels, three collections of shorts stories, a travelogue and two plays. Some of his books have a cult status among the readers. His books have been translated into German, Czech, Macedonian, Slovenian, Italian..., and his work has appeared in some of the most prominent literary magazines (McSweeney’s Quarterly in the US and Neue Rundschau, in Germany). He studied agriculture and law in Zagreb, and then for five years lived in Paris where he studied French at The New Sorbonne University and made a living by playing accordion on the streets. Kino Lika (Lika Movie Theatre), his short story collection, was turned into a film that won numerous awards at renowned film festivals. On multiple occasions, he represented Croatia at the Leipzig Book Fair, where in 2017 he held a book-launch for his last novel, Sjećanje šume (Remembering Forest), the book about unusual coming of age, which the critics place side by side with the work by some of the best writers from former Yugoslavia (Ivo Andrić, Danilo Kiš, etc.). He lives in Zagreb.