Miljenko Jergovic is one of the most significant writers in the region of former Yugoslavia. He was born in 1966 in Sarajevo and lives nowadays in Zagreb. He is the authour of more than 30 novels, short story collections and poetry volumes and received numerous national and international literary awards, such as The Erich-Maria Remarque Peace Award (1995), the Italian Premio Grinzane Cavour (2003), the Angelus Literary Award for the best novel in Middle Europe (Poland, 2012) and the Njegoš Award (2015). He is the most widely read writer in the region.


Born in Reykjavik on the 11th of August 1962. Has worked as
a bank-clerk, postman, shop-assistant, musician and journalist. He is a co-owner of the record company Smekkleysa sm.hf
(Bad Taste Ltd.), founded in 1986, which publishes popular music, jazz, modern Icelandic music and historical recordings from Iceland.
Bragi´s novels, Hvildardagar (Days Off) and Gaeludyrin
(The Pets), were shortlisted for the two main literary prizes in Iceland. The novel Samkvaemisleikir (Party Games) received the DV prize for literature in March 2005 and was chosen the best novel in 2004 by the staff of Icelandic bookstores. His novel Sendiherrann (The Ambassador) received the Icelandic Bookseller Prize in 2006 and was nominated to the Icelandic Literary Prize the same year and to the Nordic Council Literary Prize in 2007. Bragi’s novel,, Handritid (Letters of Intent), 2010, was nominated to the Icelandic Literary Prize.
Sendiherrann (The Ambassador) was published by Open Letter in USA in 2010 and has received very favourable reviews.
The novel has also been published by Athene in Denmark and S. Fischer Verlag in Germany and other countries. Film rights are sold to The Icelandic Film Company.


Vlada UROSEVIC (Skopje 1934), poet, prose writer, essayst, anthologist, translator and university professor (comparative literature). He is a member of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbian Academy of Scienses and Arts, Europe Poetry Academy (Luxemburg), “Académie Mallarmé” in Paris, Europe Academy of Sciences and Arts (Salzburg), Slavic Academy of poetry and arts (Varna) and Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. He appears on the Macedonian literature scene
in 1954.
Poetry: Another City (1959), The Invisible Landscape (1962), Summer Rain (1967), Star Scales (1973), Diving Bell (1975), The Dreamer and Emptiness (1979), Hypnopopolis (1986), Risks of Handywork (1993), Mane, Thecel, Phares (2002), Secret gold (2016).
Novels: The Taste of Peaches (1965), My Niece Emily (1994), The Court Poet in a Flying Machine (1996), Wild League (2000), Dragon’s Bride (2008).
Short stories: Signs (1969), The Night Coach (1972), Hunting Unucorns (1983), The Seventh Side of the Cube (2010), Secret Mission (2013).
Notes and travelogues: Aldebaran (1991), Tales from Paris (1997), By the Way (2017).
Essays: Contemporaries (1971), A Net for the Obscure (1980), Ariadne’s Thread (1986), The Underground Palace (1987), Demons and Galaxies (1988), Mythological Axis of the World (1993), Astrolab (2001).
Art books: Myracles and Monstres (2001), Fictional worlds (2003).
Anthologies: The Black Bull of the Summer - selected poetry of the younger generation Macedonian poets (1963), French poetry – 20th century. Anthology of the contemporary french poetry from Apollinaire ap tu date (1972), Black Tower - the fantastic story in Yugoslav literature (1976), Modern French Poetry – predecessors and contemporaries (1980), The Big Adventure: The French Surrealism (1993), Woods Under the Sea, anthology of the short prose form into French literature (1994), Golden Book of the French poetry (1996), Seven French Poets (2001). He translated into Macedonian: Gerard de Nerval, Ch. Baudelaire, A. Rimbaud, G. Apollinaire, A. Breton, P. Eluard, H. Michaux, A. Bosquet… For his literary merits, French government has given him the honor of Knight in the Art and Literature Row. For his literature arts he got awards: Miladonovci Brothers, Grigor Prlicev, Kiril Pejcinovic, Ratcin etc. His books have been published in different world languages.


Nataša Kramberger (Maribor, 1983) is a free lance writer, journalist, and cultural producer, living between Jurovski Dol (Slovenia) and Berlin (Germany). She was a first Slovenian author to be awarded the EU Prize for Literature; her works are translated into numerous languages and published all over the world. She published her first novel “Nebesa v robidah”
in 2007 to a great public and critical acclaim. The novel was shortlisted for kresnik - Best Slovenian Novel 2008 and received the EU Prize for Literature in 2010. In 2011 Kramberger published “Kaki vojaki” (Some Soldiers),
the novel in rhymes and pictures, in 2014 a collection of essays and reportages about Berlin and other places “Brez zidu”
(Wall-less), and in 2016 “Tujčice” (Little Strangers), a poetic collection of stories and poems from the region of Slovene minority in Italy “Benečija”. Kramberger collaborates with several newspapers and magazines in Slovenia and Germany, writes essays, literary reportages and comments. Besides writing, she is interested in social ecology and active in the ecological and artistic collective Zelena centrala (Green Central), She is the author of multi-awarded creative idea Bags of Stories, and has a biodynamical farm in Jurovski Dol.


Murat Gülsoy (born 1967) started his literary career as a publisher and a writer of the bimonthly magazine Hayalet Gemii> (Ghost Ship) in 1992. His works explore the metafictional potentials of self-consciousness with ‘page turning’ plots. He also produced interactive hypertext works on internet exploring new ways of narrative. Gülsoy has published 11 books in Turkey so far. Besides short stories, he has three novels addressing modern masters Kafka, Borges, Eco, Stern, Fowles and Orhan Pamuk. He is the recipient of most prestigious national literary awards. Being a writer, he also works as an engineer for biomedical science, as a psychologist, as a teacher for creative writing. He is the chairperson of the editorial board of Bogazici University Press. Stehlen Sie dieses Buchi> is the first book to be translated into German (Literaturca Verlag). His last novel, ‘A Week of Kindness in Istanbul’ has been translated to Chinese, Macedonian, Romanian, and Bulgarian.


Vladimir Pistalo was born in Sarajevo in1960. He grew up in Mostar, Kraljevo and Belgrade, where he finished a primary school and a Gimnasium. He studied Law in Belgrade and Sarajevo . He got his PhD in American History at the
University of New Hampshire in the United States.
Before he emigrated to the United States in 1993, he worked as a journalist. He is currently the associate professor of liberal
arts at Becker College in Massachusetts, where he teaches US and World history.
He has published 11 books of fiction ranging from poetic prose to novels. His stories have been included in all major anthologies of Serbian prose.
His book “Tesla, Portrait With Masks” was published in 20015 by the Graywolf Press. The first edition has been sold in less than three months. The book has already gotten a number of positive critical reviews in the American press. “Tesla, Portrait With masks” is scheduled to be published in Spain and in Turkey next year. It has appeared in Slovenian, Turkish, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian edition.
His novel “Millennium in Belgrade” is translated into French, German, Italian, Bulgarian and Macedonian language.
Pistalo got a “Milos Djuric” award for his translation of the poems of Charles Simic. His novel "Tesla portrait with masks" was awarded the NIN literary award, the most prestigious literary award in Serbia, for best novel in 2008. It also got the Award of the People’s Library of Serbia for the most read book in the libereries of Serbia in 2009. His novel "Millennium in Belgrade" was a finalist for "Prix Femina" award for the best translated novel in France among 700 translated novels in 2008.
Pistalo still believes that: Reality is an ore from which, when rinsed, we get dreams.


Anton Baev (1963) is the author of a number of books in different genres: seven books of poetry, four novels, two books of short stories, a book of philosophical fragments and two academic monographs. He was born in the city of Plovdiv. In 2009 he obtained a Doctor’s degree at the Institute for
Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
In 2000-2007 he was an Editor-in-Chief of Maritsa
newspaper – the biggest regional daily in Bulgaria, issued in Plovdiv. Since July 2007 A. Baev has established a number of online newspapers. In 2016 he was among the establishers of Plovdiv LIK foundation (a foundation for literature, art and culture), which is focused on presenting the works of the most prominent contemporary Bulgarian authors in different languages.
He is the author of the novel Americans (1997), which had two editions; and the book of philosophical fragments Noah’s Ark (1999). In 2005 he published a book of short stories, Women and Planets, translated in Turkish. It was followed by another book of short stories, Victor Bulgari (2010), which is focused on the life of the emigrants from the Balkans to Germany. (In the autumn of 2017, a selection of stories from the last two books will be published in German language by Anthea Verlag in Berlin.) In 2006 Anton Baev’s second novel, Scars from Bulgarian, was published and awarded with Plovdiv prize for Literature. The novel has two editions. In 2014 Anton Baev’s third novel appeared – Do Not Expect Another Heaven. His fourth novel, The Holly Blood (2016), won the Razvitie Fund Special Prize for a new Bulgarian novel, competing with 118 participants.