"Skopje Fellowship" program

Foreign publishers, festival directors and program managers, literary agents and scouts – visiting Macedonia

“Skopje Fellowship” program is dedicated to foreign publishers, festival directors and program managers, literary agents and scouts. Macedonia is among the first countries in the region to establish a program dedicated to such a profile of guests, and continues with the same intensity.

The objective of the Fellowship Program is to familiarize the stakeholders of the prominent festivals and the world of publishers with the Macedonian literary scene, which, we hope, would result in new translations, visits of Macedonian writers abroad, promotion of the Macedonian and Balkan literature, networking of writers and cultural workers in the area of publishing and literature with their European and worldwide colleagues, increasing the interest for the Macedonian literature abroad…



Publisher in France. Winner of the prestigious literary Award
“Prix Médicis étranger 2015” with the novel Encore (Daha) written by the Turkish author Hakan Günday and translated by Jean Descat (Galaade, 2015).

Historian and a specialist in Greek and Roman Middle East, Emmanuelle Collas was a Professor at the University since 1995 to 2015. This special background, but also an interest for literature and politics, a love for reading, writing, traveling and sharing, a dislike for the repetition and the belief in the possibility of changing the face of the world by laughing, crying, loving and inventing, are at the core of her publishing philosophy.

In 2005 she set up Galaade Editions, her own independent and literary publishing house. Until 2017, she has published fiction, French and in translation, literary and upmarket commercial fiction, and also non-fiction (12 books a year, a catalogue of more than 150 books, www.galaade.com). The catalogue was oriented towards a new, alternative and open word. It included the West with France, Europe, Mittel-Europa, America and Caribbean, and it emphasized the Mediterranean and Balkans, from Greece to Turkey and Arabic World. Among Balkan authors, she has published Rhea Galanaki from Greece, Dubravka Ugrešic and Igor Stiks from Croatia, Zoran Živković and Vladislav Bajac from Serbia, or Angel Wagenstein and Albena Dimitrova from Bulgaria – but she writes in French ! From Turkey, Hakan Günday, Murat Uyurkulak, Ayfer Tunç or Murathan Mungan. From Macedonia she already read Luan Starova, Živko Čingo, Taško Georgievski, Goce Smilevski, Goran Stefanovski, Aleksander Prokopiev Vinka Sazdova and Lidija Dimkovska. Moreover Emmanuelle Collas is involved in the current affairs publishing acute, audacious and brilliant essays by great contemporary figures like Edouard Glissant, Noam Chomsky or Edward Said. Identity, exile, migration, borders, belonging: this is what Galaade’s catalogue was all about. All those themes are the publisher’s concerns and they certainly are convictions. Emmanuelle Collas is now working on a new project.


Tamer Said has over thirteen years of experience in the UAE publishing industry. He started out at Jerboa books, a Dubai based publisher, before becoming a Sales Manager at Kitab, organizers of the Abu Dhabi international book fair.

In 2010, he was appointed as the planning and development manager for the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) and the UAE board on books for young people (UAEBBY). He supervised several initiatives to develop the publishing industry in the UAE and was involved in managing the Etisalat award
for Arabic children’s literature.

During his current role as a Managing Director at Kalimat Group, he contributed in the expansion of the group’s activities to include under its umbrella a number of competent companies which are: Kalimat, Horouf, Rewayat, Comics and Maktaba, in addition to several partnerships with international publishers.


Nenad Saponja was born on 13th of April 1964 in Novi Sad, Serbia, where he lives. He earned MA in Social Psychiatry at the University of Belgrade. He is the owner and editor-in-chief of AGORA Publishing House. He edited and published more than 300 titles. Several titles, published by AGORA, received most prestigeous literary prizes in Serbia. In addition to this,
he is a poet whose verses are renowned for a high degree of hermeticism. In the field of literary criticism, he promoted postmodern poetics and idiosyncratic interpretive approach
to a work of literature, which assumes living in the literature. For many years he wrote a critical column in the eminent daily Politika. Besides poems and criticism, he also writes short fiction. His first book of poetry Gioconda (1990) was awarded with Branko Radicevic Prize. His collection of essays Bedeker sumnje (A Traveling Book of Doubt; 1997) was awarded with Milan Bogdanovic Prize and also received an accolade by Prosveta Publishing House for the book of the year. His bibliography includes collections of poems Odrazi varke (Reflections of the Deceptions; 1993), Ocevidnost (Obviousness; 1996); More (The Sea; 1998), Cetiri poeme (Four Poems; 2000); Slatka smrt (Sweet Death, 2012); Postoji li dodir tvoje duse (Is There A Touch of Your Soul; 2014); collection of criticism and essays Autobiografija citanja (The Autobiography of Reading; 1999) and Iskustvo pisanja (The Experience of Writing; 2001). He compiled several anthologies, The Prosveta Anthology of Crime Fiction being one of the most notable.