First day 18th of September 2022

* Opening ceremony – Daut Pasha Hammam – 20:00 hours.

* Introduction of the writers and their works.

* Damir Karakas, Bronja Zakelj, Elena Alexieva, Vladislav Bajac and Tomislav Osmanli will be presented by Aleksandar Prokopiev and Ermis Lafazanovski.

Second day 19th of September 2022

* Round Table “Literature/society/criticism (literature and critical rereading of social processes)” – Europe house –13:00 to 14:30 hours.

The guest writers and the members from the “Skopje Fellowship Program” will participate. Moderator: Vladimir Jankovski.

* Meeting of the members of the “Skopje Fellowship” programme with representatives of the Macedonian Association of Publishers

* Presentation and promotion - bookstore Bukva - 20:00 hours.

- Aleksandar Prokopiev talks with Rajko Grlic.

- Promotion of the poetry book “Polygraph” by Pijan Slavej

Third day 20th of September 2022

* Closing festival ceremony and presentation of the winner of the “Prozart” award – Daut Pasha Hammam – 20:00 hours.

* The writers will read excerpts from their works.

* In memory of Luan Starova, an excerpt from his work will be read.

* Video address by the 2022 laureate, Olivera Nikolova.

Fourth day 21nd of September 2022

* Additional Program – * Screening of the film “Border Post” directed by Rajko Grlic – Cinematheque of North Macedonia - 20:00 hours.

Grlic and Aleksandar Prokopiev will talk about the film after the projection.