Aleksandar Prokopiev
born 1953, Skopje. Prosaist and essay writer.
He holds a M.A. Degree from the Faculty of Philoliogy in Belgrade, Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, as well as from Sorbone, France. His PhD thesis was ‘The Story from the Myth to the Animated Film’. Works at the Institute of Macedonian Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje.
In 2007, he was nominated for the literary award ‘Balkanika’ for the novella ‘The Peeper’. In 2012 he was awarded with ‘Balkanika’ for ‘The Little Man’. Prokopiev’s works have been translated into English, Japanese, French, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and other languages. Prokopiev actively translates from several Balkan languages. He is a member of the Independent Writers’ Association of Macedonia. He lived the rock and roll with the bands Idoli, Mouth to Mouth, and several others less famous ones.
• The Young Master of the Game (short stories, 1983)
• ...or... (short stories, 1986)
• Sailing South (short stories, 1986)
• A Sermon on the Snake (stories, 1992)
• Ars amater-ia (stories, 1998)
• Image which rolls (haiky, 1998)
• Was Kalimah a Post-Modernist? (essays, 1994)
• Fairytale on the road (essays, 1996)
• Anti-instructions for personal use (poetical diary, 2000)
• Postmodern Babylon (essays, 2000)
• The man with four watches (short stories, 2003)
• Borges and the computer (essays, 2005)
• The Peeper (novella, 2007)
• Homunculus: Fairy Tales from the Left Pocket, 2011
• Horazzio Cvikalo (stories) 2013