Novelist, short-stories writer, literary essays, and anthropology studies writer. So far, he has published six novels: An Aristocrat (1997), Portrayer (2001), The Novel about Weapons (2003), Hrapesko (2006), Sunday (2009), History of People Frightened to Death (2012). In 2001 he received the ‘Stale Popov’ Award of the Macedonian Writers’ Association for the novel Portrayer, and in 2003 he received Prose Masters for the novel The Novel About Weapons. His novel Hrapesko was nominated in 2006 as the Macedonian contribution for the Balkanika Award. He has published three collections of stories: Half of the Rainbow (1992), When Umbrellas Were Invented in Skopje (1999) and Exotic Cantata (2008), as well as the scientific studies: Tradition, Naration, Literature (1996), Text and Mentality (2000), Macedonian Cosmogonic Legends (2001), Anthropologic Dialogues (2002),
Itar Pejo (2003), and Myths for the Creation of the World (2007).
He is a member of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia. He is president of the Macedonian PEN Center.